Problems & Solutions

These are all recent repairs I have attended with the reported fault and solution.

Boiler Repairs

Procombi 100e start, no ignition, then red light - replace ignition pcb board.
Main Combi hot water, intermittently hot and cold - replace dhw heat exchanger
Potterton Profile fan starts, then stops, starts then stops, - replace pcb
Vaillant EcoTec Pro leaking - replace aav, pump up expansion vessel.
Worcester 18Ri Dead - replaced pcb and transformer
Baxi 80 combi - no hot water - Replace diverter and dhw heat exchanger
Ideal Icos 15HE - Dead no power - Replaced pcb
Worcester Greenstar 24 junior - very high pressure - replaced expansion vessel
Ariston 24mffi leaking - replaced diverter valve.
Ideal Isar - poor hot water - replaced diverter valve
Ferroli Modena boiler - installed
Potterton Suprima intermittent red light - replaced pcb, stat and thermister
Potterton performa - not starting - replace pcb
Worcester Junior 28i losing pressure - replace PRV and repressurise expansion vessel.
Potterton Kingfisher Clicking - replace pcb.
Potterton Suprima intermittent ignition - replace gas valve
Chaffoteaux & Mary MX2 24FF, hot water luke warm - replace DHW heat exchanger

Jaguar 28, F3, Pressure rising to above 3 BAR - replace hot water heat exchanger and pump up expansion vessel to 0.75 BAR.

Potterton Profile not starting/humming - Replace Fan Motor

Glow Worm Ultimate 80 - Not Igniting - Replace Fan Motor

Ideal Classic not starting - Replace Fan Motor

Potterton Profile 80 noisy, not starting - Replace Fan Motor
Alpha sy24 not starting, red flashing light - Replace Fan Motor
Glow Worm - pilot not staying alight - fit new thermocouple
Worcester 24i - red light flashing - replace water switch
Ariston Boiler - No hot water - Refit micro switch
Glow Worm Micron - Not Lighting - Remove Jet and clean
Potterton Suprima 50L - Red Light - replace pcb, stat + Thermister
Baxi Solo - not starting - replace pcb then gas valve
Ariston MCFFI24 - losing pressure - drain, pump up expansion vessel, replave prv
Worcester 35cdi - leaking from pressure relief valve - fit new prv and expansion vessel

Worcester Greenstar 28CDi - annual service

Baxi Solo 3 - Pump running all the time - replace pcb

Vaillant vuw242intermittent hot water - fit diverter valve

Potterton Suprima 50L red light on - fit new pcb, stat and thermister

Potterton Netaheat humming not working - fit new fan motor

Ravenheat CSI120 E04 error - replace dhw heat exchanger

Potterton 24 hot water cold - replace DHW heat exchanger

Ravenheat CSI120-hot water getting cold -cleanned debris from heat exchanger

Worcester 24CDi not heating, no hot water - replace fan motor

Ideal Classic overheating - Replaced overheat stat,themister and pcb

Potterton Netaheat not working - Replaced Fan Motor

Sime Format 80 - Hot water Luke warm - Replace DHW Heat Exchnager

Potterton Netaheat, not igniting burner, pilot on - Replace PCB

Worcester 24i junior no hot water - replace water flow sensor

Ariston Ecosystem 27 RFFI - F error - replace pump assembly

Biasi M94 not heating or hot water - replace both ntc thermister

Worcester 24i junior - leaking, no pressure indication - replace air admittance valve, fit new pressure gauge, pump up expansion vessel.

Worcester 24i junior red flashing light no start - replace water pressure switch

Potterton Suprima 100L stops with red light - replace pcb, fan thermistor and stat

Potterton Suprima 50L red lights stays on - replaced pcb, thermister and stat.

Ideal Classic burner not lighting - replace gas valve

Alpha 240E radiators heating when hot water on - replaced diverter valve

Worcester junior 24i no hot water or heating - replaced water pressure switch

Potterton Profile - Service and replace ignition lead

Ariston Microgenius 24HE -error A03 error - replace pcb

Ravenhest csi85bt - hot water cutting out -replace DHW heat exchanger

Worcester 24i - very slow hot water flow - replaced heat exchanger

Worcester 24CDi no hot water - replaced divertor valve

Potterton Netaheat just buzzing - replaced Fan Motor

Boiler not coming on or starting - fitted new Danfoss Timeswitch

Potterton Puma 80 no heating or hot water - replaced fan motor

Alpha CB24 no hot water - replaced diaphram in divertor valve

Potterton Suprima - intermittent starting - replaced pcb

Worcester Junior 24I works on ch no hot water - Replaced Fan (low speed winding o/c)

Potterton Suprima no Ignition Replaced Pressure Switch

Potterton Suprima no ignition - Unblocked pressure pipe to fan motor.

Baxi DUO TEC 24HEi - Installed

Potterton Boiler intermittent starting - replaced pcb

Worcester Bosch 30CDi SE light Flashing - Serviced Boiler, Fitted Magnaclean.

Potterton Kingfisher Boiler no Ignition - Ignition lead shorting on case - insulated lead

Potterton Puma, hot water ok, but no central heating - replaced heat sensor and main pcb.

Alpha 28CB, no hot water, leaking then stopped altogether - replaced fan motor, heat exchanger and flow switch.

Protherm 80E , cutting out on hot water and F1 error - Replaced DHW Heat Exchanger.

Worcester Bosch 28i no ignition - Replaced Fan Motor.

Potterton 50 system Boiler no ignition - Replaced PCB

Main Medway - No full ignition - freed and lubricated spindle pin.

Glow- worm Boiler beyond repair - Fitted new Glow-Worm Flexicom 18 HX heat only Boiler

Keston Celcius 25 Boiler cutting out - Replaced Exhaust Hose

Sime Boiler no heating or water - Replaced Fan Motor

Potterton Kingfisher no pilot light - Replaced Thermocouple

Washing Machines

Indesit WD12 door wont open - release door - replace latch assembley
Hotpoint aqxx aqualtis washing machine blocked - replace element

Hoover washing machine blowing fuse - replace supressor

Bosch washing machine overfilling, stopping - unblocked pressure chamber and replaced heater.
Indesit washing machine not heating - replaced heater

Hotpoint washing machine not draining - unblocked drum outlet pipe

Hotpoint Washer Dryer Not Drying - Replaced Valve

Creda Washer Dryer Not Turning - Refitted Motor Plug and Replaced Motor Brushes

Creda Washer Dryer - Replaced Hinge

Hotpoint washing machine noisy - replaced drum bearings

Beko Washing machine not draining - Unblocked Filter and drain hose

Hotpoint Washing Machine not spinning and Dead– Replaced Motor Module & Door Lock

Bosch Washing Machine Stuck on Rinse – Replaced Fill Valve.

Bosch Washing Machine Not Spinning – Replaced Motor Brushes.

Hoover Washing Machine Overfilling – Removed Blockage in Pressure Chamber

Beko Washing Machine Very Noisey – Removed Transit Brackets.

Hotpoint Washing Machine Not Washing – Hot Tap not connected.

Maytag Washing Machine Not Spinning – Clutch refitted to motor.

Hoover Washing Machine Not Draining – Replaced Pump.

John Lewis Washing Machine Connected

Bosch Washer dryer – Dryer Performance suspect – Cleanned fluff from condenser.

Indesit washing machine - 2 lights flashing, not draining - removed blockage from connection to sink spigot

Bosch Washing Machine Not Pumping - Removed safety pin from pump.

Hotpoint Washing Machine door came off - Fitted new hinge.

Indesit Washing Machine stopping - replaced heater element

Creda washing machine integrated not draining - unblocked sump

Hotpoint WT540 washing machine not draining - remove coins from pump.

Tumble Dryer

John Lewis Tumble Dryer not turning - replace belt

Creda Tumble Dryer no heat - element assembley replaced

Hotpoint Condenser Tumble Dryer no heat - Replaced Element

Hotpoint Condenser Tumble Dryer Noisey - Replaced Rear Fan.

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Not Heating – Replaced Stats.

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Not Spinning – Replaced Pulley.

Zanussi Tumble Dryer not spinning – Replaced Belt.


Bosch Dishwasher Leaking - replace pump to sump hose (rodent eaten through hose!!)
Bosch Excel sms53e12gb not pumping - remove blockage in pump

Beko DWD 5410W- Not pumping - Remove blockage in pump
Bosch Classixx Dishwasher - not pumping - replace pump
Kenwood error 4 - replace valve

Bosch Dishwasher just pumping - clean out water monitoring assy and sump fill pipe

Bosch Slimline Dishwasher stopping - leaking into base, replace pump impeller seal

Hoover Dishwasher leaking from bottom - flashing display - hose to heater adrift, refitted and test.
Meile Dishwasher inlet/outlet flashing and dishwasher stopped - replace overflow switch

Indesit Integrated Dishwasher - not pumping - removed glass wedged in pump

Diolomat Dishwasher - Door dropping - replaced hinge spring

Bosch Dishwasher not pumping - removed elastic band wrapped around impellor
Bosch Dishwasher not washing -Water softener nut loose,tightenned removed water from base
Hotpoint Dishwasher Dead - Pcb Transformer burnt out

Bosch Dishwasher lights flashing, not setting - pcb fault

Indesit Dishwasher not pumping - removed match jammed in pump.

Bosch Built in Dishwasher not starting - replaced motor seal kit.

Whirlpool Dishwasher poor wash - replaced wash pump.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Dispenser Not openning program erratic – Replaced Module.

Bosch Dishwasher Stuck with Water – Removed Blockage from Pump.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Overfilling – Replaced Valve.

John Lewis Integrated Dishwasher Installed.

Hoover Integrated Dishwasher Installed.

Bosch Dishwasher Not getting hot – Replaced Heater.

Bosch Dishwasher Leaking - Found drain hose leaking, cut hose down and rejoinned direct to metering tank.

Kenwood Dishwasher Leaking - Found damaged drain hose repaired.

Miele Integrated Dishwasher - installed

Whirlpool 7550 dishwasher - poor wash - replaced motor

Smeg Dishwasher E8 Dishwasher - Replaced Divertor Valve

Zanussi Dishwasher no pumping - cleanned pump


Hotpoint UY46X lower oven not working - replace element.
Stoves Gas Cooker, no Grill - Reset overheat stat
Cannon oven not going to full flame - replace fsd
Whirlpool oven not cutting out - fit new fan senser

Neff Slot in Oven no heat - Replace element

Bosch Double oven tripping electrics - replaced element

Baumatic Oven Not Hot - replaced Element

Die Dietrich oven not hot - replaced thermostat and element

New World Gas Hob - installed

Bosch Cooker Hood dead - replaced pcb.

Bosch Single oven no heat - replaced element

Prestige Gas Hob - Installed

Hotpoint Double Oven not getting hot – Replaced Element

Zanussi Oven – installed.

John Lewis Electric Hob – installed.

Indesit Built in Oven installed.

White Westinghouse slot in oven not heating - replaced elements

Bosch Microwave - Door not openning - Replaced Door Lever

Hotpoint Double Oven - overheating - replaced thermostat and 3 knobs


Whirlpool fridge freezer leaking - unblocked drain hole and cleared ice

Admiral VI Fridge Freezer ice build up in base of freezer - unblocked drain hole, and removed ice.

Hotpoint Mistral fridge Warm – replaced Thermistors

Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer, fridge warm – replacement compressor needed.

Neff integrated Fridge – installed.

Neff integrated Freezer – installed.

Indesit Fridge Freezer – installed.

Daewoo Fridge Freezer - fridge not working, defrosted ice build up in freezer.

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer - installed

Whirlpool Fridge Freezer - Cutting out - re-made connections to compressor


No hot water from cylinder - drain system and fit 3 port honeywell valve.
Showermate pump leaking - replace hose washer
Triton Shower water flooding out of bottom - Replace PRV and clean shower head
Radiator cold at bottom - magnaclense system
Toilet not flushing - replace siphon valve
WC leaking from overflow - fit new fill valve

wc not flushing - fit new link wire

Salamander pump not working taking in air - remove cover stuck in cwsc

Insinkeratror not working - removed coin jam

Installed supply for washing machine and outside tap

Toilet Leaking from isolation valve - replaced valve, pipework to torbeck ball valve.

Radiator Valve Leaking - Sealed and tightenned.

No hot water from kitchen Tap - Replaced Tap.

Toilet leaking -replaced fill valve.

Radiators not hot - bled radiator.

Aqualisa Shower stuck on hot - replaced cartridge.

Leaking from overflow - replaced float valve.

Newteam Shower - leaking - replaced washer

Shower not working -replaced valve and pump

Toilet not Flushing - replaced Flush unit

Radiators heating when on hot water mode - replaced Divertor Valve

Triton T80si Shower leaking - Fitted new Triton T70si Shower

Central heating not working - removed blockage from ch feed pipe and replaced diverter valve

Fitted waste and supply for Dishwasher

Salamander Shower pump, intermittent working - re programmed

Toilet not flushing - replaced syphon unit

Radiators leaking - Replaced radiators and added inhibitor

Poor Circulation in Heating - added cleaner, fitted magnaclean, drainned and refilled with inhibitor.

Leaking overflow from loft - Replaced Ball Valve